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Years in rice industry

Who we are

Small retailer turned into a country's leading rice producer and exporter

Our journey started in 1993 as a rice retailer selling by Kilograms, then by the bags, and then by tonnes. Soon, we set up our first rice mill in 1999 and began exporting by containers to Europe countries in 2009 as soon as EU enacted the EBA agreement with Cambodia.

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Cambodian Phka Malis Jasmine Rice
Phka Malis Jasmine Rice

Wet season crop, one harvest per year, Phka Malis Rice is a naturally fragrant white rice variety.

Cambodian SKO Rice
Sen Kra Ob Rice (SKO)

Dry season crop, 2-3 harvests per year, SKO is a naturally fragrant white rice variety.

Cambodian Jasmine Brown Rice
Brown Rice

Sortexed semi-milled rice of Phka Malis, SKO or regular White Rice for reprocessing plants.

OM 5451 Cambodian Fragrant Rice
OM-5451 Long Grain Rice

OM 5451 is a new high-yielding rice variety. It has gained popularity in export in recent years.

All you need for reliable and consistant quality rice exporter

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Wholly-owned Paddy Drying & Milling Factories
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Why Choose Us

KFG is one of the first rice exporting company since 2009. Having already exported to more than 40 countries worldwide including 25 EU countries, United States, Canada, Australia, China, Malaysia and Singapore. Besides our experience and success, below are more reasons to choose us.

Quality Standards and Operational Excellence

Quality Control: we meticulously carry out every single step of raw material receiving and production and storage for the best quality of rice before it reaches you.
Quality Assurance: we ensure compliance of every KFG employee in accordance to food safety standards and put in place a tracibility system ensuring that all incoming and outgoing paddy and rice are easily traced for accountability.
Food Safety Certifications: GMP, HACCP, BRC (in progress).

Our 3 factories are located in Kampong Speu, Battambang and Prey Veng province. We have access to 5.95 million tonne of paddy harvests within 100km radius annually; allowing us to collect new crops on time from each and the surrounding provinces as different harvesting seasons arrive.

KFG has done business with Traders, Distributors, Reprocessing/re-packaging plants, Non-profit organizations, Governments and Retails.
We also offer OEM packaging under your own brand for retails and supermarkets industry.